You wouldn't understand

Folie à deux

Glass Magazine, Styling by Tamara Cincic, Hair by Kenna, make up Attracta Courtney.

These images are for Annie. A girl I owe so much. For we share so much, perhaps we share madness too? My love knows so well that loss is just a word but the reality is much worse. Take care my dearest Annie, for what you have given me is far bigger than I can measure (in words alone).


  1. Kris thank you! I am still putting things together for you! X

  2. The anticipation! I hope you received my last e-mail; you must be so overwhelmed right now with projects! I hope you are finding peace in the changing of seasons.

  3. Kris, my dear! I will look for your email, I must have missed it, I will have a dig now! X

  4. you're pictures are begining to look more vintage, too beautiful

    we need to work together again soon to fuck things up a bit! ;-)


  5. haha, I thought you might feel that way about them. I do need to see you again. I am going to see Piers Atkinson's show on Saturday if your around?
    We should indeed work together soon, I have an idea I wanted to share with you.


  6. brilliance Ellen
    i so very much enjoyed it!

  7. i have been reading passages from the house of incest by anais nin, and these lines drew me into thoughts of us -

    "in our writings we are brothers, i said. the speed of our vertigoes is the same. we arrived at the same place at the same moment, which is not so with other people’s thoughts. the language of nerves which we both use makes us brothers in writing."

    i owe you so many words, i have so much to say to you. very very soon. my sister in all things.

  8. Amazing, Ellen! I love how many ideas and stories this series gives me, the pictures are like frames from the world's most beautiful movie.

  9. Thank you Helen, I think I have forgotten how to think coherently. X